Gaharnya BMW S1000RR upgrade 2015 versi Jakusa Design


Jakusa Design merender rendered BMW S1000RR 2015 ini dengan menerapkan disain bagian muka superbike ini yang asimetris yang ikonik. Tamas (disainernya) menerapkan dua lampu utama yang berbeda, salah satunya yang sudah menjadi trademark dari si superbike ini.


Bisa dijadikan opsi modif buat all new CBR150R lokal atau R15 atau bahkan Ninja 250, CBR250 dan juga R25.

Hmmmm sangar bingidss nih BMW!


2015 BMW S1000RR 3D Rendering Surfaces, Is It the Real Superbike?


A 3D rendered model of what is rumored to be the 2015 model year of the BMW S1000RR has surfaced, but given the fact that the few spy shots of the actual next-gen S1000RR only showed the rear of the bike, it’s rather hard to tell how much these two match.

There are noticeable differences in the bodywork section, as the rendering is somewhat more edgy and aggressive, and its lines are definitely better contoured than what the S1000RR caught testing showed. Even though a clean shot of the mule bike is yet to make appearance, we kind of like the rendered machine better.

We also noticed that BMW retained the unmistakable design of the front cowl, with the asymmetric headlights, but the lines of the alleged 2015 version seem to be more aggressive. Looks are possibly a bit deceiving, as the rendered bike clearly has no lenses on the headlights, and this makes everything look rawer and more radical.

It’s clear that BMW is not returning to the iconic “gills” on the fairing, one the elements which were, together with the headlight array, the easiest ways to single out this awesome bike among other similar superbikes. The exhaust shape seems to have changed for the testing bike, as the (unsatisfying) spy shots showed a straight 2-port silencer, as opposed to the current flared design.

We’re pretty sure more photos of the 2015 S1000RR will surface soon, ahead the bike’s debut which will most likely be at the Intermot in Cologne, in early October. Foillow the link for morew on the 2014 BMW S1000RR. Via oliepeil.