History of Honda SH125i/150i scooter

Honda introduced the SH50 into the demanding and fiercely competitive European scooter market in 1984. It was equipped with large 16-inch wheels that demonstrated high running-through performance even on a stone pavement or rough road, a flat floor that enables a user to take a natural riding posture, and the V-Matic (V-belt continuously variable transmission [CVT]), which is easy to operate for anybody, young or old, male or female. It has taken its place as a stylish commuter with high dependability and utility to create a new market.
SH100 was introduced later and found a wider range of welcoming users as a result of its extended travel distance.



Furthermore, Honda was the first to respond, in 2001, to market needs and reducing environmental impact, by launching the first-generation SH125/150 models elegantly designed with better functions and quality feel. These machines feature 4-stroke engines and boast upgraded engine displacements at 125cc and 150cc, respectively.
By realizing excellent engine performance and low fuel consumption while retaining the utility of the original model, they attained undisputed status with the highest number of motorcycles registered in Europe (according to Honda research).



In 2005, to enhance environmental performance, the SH125i/150i was equipped with PGM-FI and the first engine anywhere in the world to meet Euro III standards. Furthermore, in 2009, these models successfully reduced emissions to less than half of the Euro III standards, showing that the models have always been leaders in the environment.



In addition, the SH300i based on the SH concept was launched in 2007 at 300cc, an engine size unknown in the European market until then.
Achieving both light weight and high performance earned these bikes the highest registration numbers immediately (in 2007~2009,2011 according to Honda research), spreading the appeal of the SH series to ever more users.
Later, other manufacturers introduced a series of models into the 300cc class, making this class the main class in European unit sales within only a few years. The SH300i hit its stride as the trend leader in this market, fostering the creation and expansion of the market.
In this way, the SH series that ranges from 50cc to 300cc has been leading the market and the times through its adoption of advanced technology, highly useful specs and equipment, and a high-quality design, by exploiting the opportunities offered by each model change.



The styling theme for the SH series strikes a balance between “the functionality of a highly reliable tool” and “a design infused with the latest trends.”
This series has been accommodating a wide variety of users’ needs by offering a vehicle body with a lean configuration capable of moving around town comfortably with a sense of security, and also by giving it a stylish and elegant design.
Specifically, basic elements include:
Large 16-inch aluminum-cast wheels with high running-through performance on rough roads;
Flat floor with high degree of freedom for feet placement that suits any rider;
Upright front portion with highly effective wind protection that ensures a natural riding position;
Seat shape with little height difference and a predominately horizontal rear portion of the body with a stylish built-in taillight.









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