2015 BMW K1300S Motorsport Revealed


BMW has revealed details on its entire 2015 bike line-up, and one of the first bikes announced was a special-edition K1300S dubbed K1300S Motorsport. This machine combined the sporty touring character with long-range comfort, with the K suffix standing for an in-line engine.

Even though BMW has launched new models this year, it looks like the K1300S sport-tourer still made it in the next year model roster, so we can assume that the demand for such a bike is still high enough to make manufacturing it worth the effort.

However, since the 2015 K1300S Motorsport seems to be offered only as a special edition machine, we could almost believe the rumors of it being on its way to becoming a phased-out model. BMW does not tell anything about this potential future, but neither offers too much info on the upgrades of the bike, so we can assume that the 2015 is more of a facelift model, with several HP (high performance) parts added and a different livery.

Indeed, BMW has equipped the 2015 K1300S Motorsport with HP footrests for both rider and passenger, HP wheels and an Akrapovic silencer offered as standard. ABS is also a works-fitted enhancement to the bike, as it looks like no BMW bike will be offered without anti-locking brakes.

The former color options, such as the Titanium silver metallic/ Sapphire black metallic and Racing red / Sapphire black metallic/ Alpine white 3 are no longer available for the 2015 model year. The new livery looks quite alluring, with its racey combination of Black storm metallic, Light white and Lupine blue metallic, with red decorative stripes and sober yet menacing black accents. The lower half is painted black and matches the black frame, sub-frame, seat and air intakes. A new color was also announced for the 2015 K1300R, which will be offered in Sapphire black metallic/ Black satin gloss replacing the old Racing red / Sapphire lack metallic trim.

The 2015 BMW K1300S Motorsport will be available from August 1st, for a (German) price of €19,950 ($27,100, including the 19% German VAT).


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