Akrapovic teases the BMW M4 exhaust

Akrapovic teases the BMW M4 exhaust

There is one thing most reviewers complained about the new M4 Coupe. You already know what it is, don’t try to hide it. Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t turbo lag, the bad steering or anything else. No, it was the exhaust sound.

We have to admit that from the early videos we’ve seen of the car, we tend to believe them. At idle, it sounds like a lawnmower. A bad one too, one that doesn’t inspire confidence that much…

Things can be improved by going for an M Performance exhaust developed in collaboration with Akrapovic. It’s made of titanium and sounds something like this. If that’s not enough, the Slovenian company has been working on something new.

As expected, they are going to offer a standalone system for those of you out there, looking for the ultimate sound. However, up until now no info has been released about it.

What we can safely assume is that it will be made either from stainless steel or titanium and that it will bring both an improved sound to the table and better performances overall, as is the case with all of its products.

The engineers and marketing people over in Ljubljana know that we can’t wait to hear what they have in store for us so they released a couple of photos of the new exhaust on an M4 through their American partners, Precision Sport Industries.

The photos don’t need any more explaining. What we do need now is the complete specs of the things and an audio file showing us how it’s going to change our perception of the M4. C’mon guys, stop teasing us!


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